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IES / Cyberschool is discontinuing outdated IP addresses now in anticipation of the datacenter move this Friday night. If you are seeing this page it means you have not made the needed DNS changes we have been reaching out to your organization about. We have sent out multiple emails and made many calls to get this needed change for your domain, please reach out to or call 661-859-1900 Option 2 immediately to help you complete this needed change. Please reference below for more information.


On March 23rd, 2019, your website will go completely down if you do not update your DNS records. Please update your DNS immediately and do not wait until Friday. If you are not sure if you have updated your DNS, or would like assistance updating your DNS, please email or call us at 661-859-1900 Option 2. IES / Cyberschool is pleased to inform you that we are planning to relocate our datacenter. Due to the relocation, our services will be unavailable between:

    10:00pm Pacific Time on March 22nd, 2019 (Friday Night) to

    08:00am Pacific Time March 23rd, 2019 (Saturday Morning)

Our anticipated completion is earlier than 08:00am, but we are scheduling this time block in anticipation for any unforeseen occurrence.

Thank you for understanding. We are certain this change will assist us in maintaining our high standard of service, uptime, and commitment to our clients

Thank you for being an IES/Cyberschool client!


Phone: (661) 859-1900

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